All banks are constructed uniquely with technology. Our company is versatile and broad in their knowledge and management skills. This allows us to provide a productive contribution for all of your technology decisions.

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Our History

Harper McNeil Consulting, Inc. was founded by Bob Harper and Denise McNeil in 1995. Our vision was to provide superior insight for client financial institutions as they select and implement technology. Today, the methods have changed but the same philosophy remains.

In 2020, Harper McNeil, Inc. moved forward with Denise McNeil and key personnel to continue offering services with our 25 plus years of experience in bank operations, management, audit and data processing.

When working with our clients and vendors, our company strives to guide the bank’s effort for new technology and produce an outstanding result. Harper McNeil, Inc. prides itself on great interpersonal and management skills.

An Outstanding Result–That is Our Deliverable

The goal of our company is to structure operations to produce optimum efficiency. Management can watch their financial ratios improve, as efficiency is partnered with applicable technology. Often, market share increases afterwards and the financial institution works smarter through more efficient operations.