While the selection of technology vendors is essential, proper and thorough conversion is critical.

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Our team has led and supported client financial institutions for decades as they adopt and install new technology. Our conversion management spotlights: Translate, Mediate, Liaise, Escalate.

We have an acute and widespread knowledge of this process and how to make it as successful as possible. All technology utilized will be analyzed to ensure appropriate integration with each vendor and module used.

Other key steps in our process include:

  • Working with you to identify all necessary conversion tasks.
  • Supplying your financial institution with our customized task tracking documentation.
  • Assigning responsibility for each task and monitoring related progress.
  • Working as your representative with the vendor and monitoring their responsibilities.

Our conversion services also address:

  • Guidance for Developing an Implementation Team
  • Customer Information Files
  • Consolidation of Products Offered
  • Data Mapping
  • Product Setup and Integration
  • General Ledger Restructure/Conversion


  • Third Party Interfaces
  • Data Validation
  • Recommendations for Staff Training
  • Balancing Review and Assistance
  • Best Practices Implementation

The larger tasks in conversions are:

  • Data Mapping
  • Parameter Setup
  • General Ledger Integration
  • Task Tracking
  • Validation of Converted Data from Test Files
  • Training of All Employees
  • Mock Conversion
  • Live Conversion and Support


“Operations – Well, you are absolutely amazing at what you do. We never would have been as successful as we have been through this conversion without your engagement. The entire H-M team has just been such an amazing asset throughout the entire process. So glad we connected!”

“Accounting – Thank you for your help, guidance and leadership during this conversion. The depth of your knowledge on every front was invaluable, particularly in talking accounting and numbers to the rest of the team, (not an easy chore I know from experience). In my opinion, one of your greatest strengths is taking the technical jargon of each department and putting it into easily understood language and simple steps to achieve for everyone. Thanks again for everything and I appreciate everything you did.”